• Michael Ehnert / Actor, Writer and Comedian

Michael Ehnert - Actor, Director, Screenwriter and Comedian

Indeed, Michael is truly multi-talented: he writes screen-plays for the German television, acts in movies and series and creates his own comedy shows. And we went to school together in Hamburg, but that's another story.

Whilst enjoying his holidays in South Africa, Michael contacted me in Cape Town to shoot new images for his sedcard and website – mainly lifestyle and portraits. I really enjoyed catching up after a couple of years – and so we ended up with too many coffees but also a couple of really nice shots.

Back in Hamburg, we also shot some studio-portraits for promoting his Christmas-comedy 'Der Weihnachtshasser', in which he plays seven different characters including the German chancellor Angela Merkel. All portraits were shot with the Briese Focus 77.

Find out more about Michael on www.michael-ehnert.com    

Michael Ehnert / Actor, Writer and Comedian