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Deon Meyer & Co - Portraits of South African Crime Writers

Yes, crime does pay. At least for these mainly Cape Town based crime and thriller writers like Deon Meyer, Mike Nicol, Michele Rowe, Andrew Brown and Paul Mendelson. And of course, for me, now that I could sell most of these portraits to international publishing houses and magazines. Many of the images were used on (back) covers, brochures and other marketing and promotional materials.

All portraits were taken on location in Cape Town (and Stellenbosch in Deon Meyer's case) – most of them in dodgy areas to increase authenticity and reflect the books' main vibes. All images were shot with just one flash head with a beauty dish.

Even if you are not in crime literature do yourself a favour and get a book of any of these brilliant writers and immerse into the other side of sunny Cape Town. And please read Dieter Losskarn's brilliant story published in GQ South Africa: www.lossis.co.za




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