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Vivid Lifestyle

Lifestyle and advertising images capture people in real life situations and convey specific moods to affect and inspire your audience emotionally.

Let us create touching images of people and their interactions that reflect the essence of your brand and products – and that connect yourself and your company with your customers.



Extra Services

Pre-Production Meeting

Already in an early stage meetings help to clarify your specific needs and objectives, your budget and deadlines – and to discuss ideas, moodboards, schedules and organisational issues.

Hair&Make-up Artists

Magicians who create beauty with their brushes and combs - and let you and your models look gorgeous.

Wardrobe Stylists

Source outfits, create styles and make sure, that your clothing and designs look amazing and immaculate.

Various Styles and Moods

If for campaign or advertising shoots – there is an unique photographic style and set-up that meet your and your brands indvidual needs.

Location Scouting

Either myself or skilled scouts make sure that locations and backdrops perfectly match your requirements and needs.

Photo-Equipment Rentals

Whatever is needed to get the shoot done – local rental companies will supply us with state-of-the-art camera and lighting equipment

Digital and Lighting Assistants

Take care of a safe and efficient digital workflow and image processing – and make sure that your models are perfectly lit.

Model Casting and Booking

In collaboration with local model agencies castings and gosees can be organised that you could even attend remotely via video conference tools.

Production Vehicles and Drivers

Vehicles specifically designed to accomodate hair&make-up artist, stylists and digital assistants allow for a smooth production even in the most remote and exotic place.

Coffee Break

In between we will always enjoy the most tasty coffees from local roasteries – and boost our energies.


From skin-retouching to composings and cgi - highly skilled retouchers guarantee immaculate and compelling images.

Cloud Storage

Allows for a convenient and remote preview and download of raw and final images - especially if you are 10.000 kilometers away from us.